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Web Demo:
1.Which of the following is true of an OLAP data structure?
A. Comprised of normalized dimension and fact tables.
B. Organizes dimension tables into hierarchies and levels.
C. Allows "real time" analysis against disparate data sources.
D. Cardinality between tables is typically configured as inner joins.
Answer: B

2.In a transitive relationship scenario, what problems exist when reporting from the tables below?
A. The Order table must be included in each query.
B. The Order Detail table has conflicting cardinalities.
C. Outer joins are generated when querying from Customer.
D. There is more than one possible path between the tables.
Answer: D

3.Which of the following data structures typically contain normalized data?
A. Cube
B. Flat file
C. Operational
D. Star schema
Answer: C

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Search Help:
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